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"Coco"-submitted by Patricia Harrigan

On June 10, 2013, Coco, my 6-year old cocker spaniel began wobbling when she walked and before long it was clear that something was seriously wrong with her.  An emergency x-ray revealed nothing out of the ordinary, and she continued to get worse.  By the end of the next day, she had lost all ability to move her hind legs!  After an examination revealed no clues about the cause of  her condition, my regular vet prescribed steroids, pain meds, and "bed rest" for a week followed by a return visit to discuss other options.

The week passed painfully slowly with no improvement, while I struggled to keep Coco comfortable and dry.  My vet suggested we get an MRI to see if that would reveal a cause, and consider back surgery to correct it or to explore the problem more.  Unwilling to risk surgery, I asked about other options and my vet said acupuncture might help.

I searched on-line for holistic vets, and soon found Dr. Sanderson.  When we set foot in the waiting room on our very first visit, Coco was calm and tried to explore the space despite her paralyzed back legs.  (Coco has never been curious at a vet's office before - she always got anxious and restless.)  She accepted Dr. S easily, and when he started the acupuncture and laser light theapy, things got even beter.  She seemed to relax for the first time since this ordeal began.  We went home with herbal supplements, an easy physical therapy exercise, a recipe for a fresh food diet, and high hopes.

I am so pleased to report that Coco has made steady progress in recovering the use of her back legs!  Her improvement has been gradual but steady and clear.  Each week brings a new milestone along the road to recovery.  Standing up on her own was cause for major celebration, and when she took her first steps I was exhilarated!  Now she is mastering a faster pace, as you can see in the video, and trying to avoid getting tangled up in the process.  She's playful again and full of eagerness for each walk.  There's still a way to go, of course, but I know she will continue to improve.  Thank you Dr. S for helping Coco regain her life!